Wee Jamie Fraser

Making my "Wee Jamie Fraser"

I’m over fifty and I still play with dolls. Is there a support group for this? Who cares! Dolls make me happy.

The top row of my office book shelf is filled with Barbie dolls, Bratz dolls, plus TV/Film characters including Bond and Mad Men. I also own the entire Game Of Thrones Funko collection, and don’t even get me started on my Hello Kitty fetish.

Ok, so I don’t actually PLAY with dolls, but I do swirl around in my office chair and gaze at them when I need a short writing break.

microtravelmaxiesmallWhen I travel, I take along “Travel Maxie”, a tiny stuffed animal that resembles my rescue Maxie. It’s a bit silly but #TravelMaxie (he’s on instagram) makes me feel closer to my sweet pup. When I’m home, Maxie and I share a pillow every night so I really miss him when I’m away. Is there a support group for THIS? Again, who cares!

On my most recent visit to Scotland, my father (who lives near Glasgow) arranged a tour of OUTLANDER filming locations. I’m a huge fan of the show and was ridiculously excited to stand WHEREVER Jamie Fraser (played by the stunning Sam Heughan) had once stood. If you love history, costumes, almost soft-porn sex plus a touch of fantasy… I highly recommend OUTLANDER.

Before I headed to Scotland, I decided to make a Jamie Fraser doll to “take home” to Lallybroch, the fictional family home of the OUTLANDER character. A few quick purchases on Ebay and I soon had the pieces to refashion an old “Totally Hair” Ken doll into “Wee Jamie Fraser”. I tucked my kilted Scot and Travel Maxie into my carryon bag and away we went on our silly, yet totally awesome, adventure.

OUTLANDER tour photos


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#MoonBeachDiary by Jo Stougaard

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