Trust me, snapchat is NOT just for teens. I’m almost 52 and I started using it regularly after watching this video by Sunny Lenarduzzi. It’s a terrific tutorial if you’re new to snapchat or thinking about trying it out for your brand, blog or even just FUN.

After I set up my account (MyLastBite), I was still unsure how to actually USE the app as the layout isn’t all that intuitive. A few texts to my nephew Chace, plus lunch with niece Kindal (yes, both teens) and I was ready to go. More info on snapchat’s tip page here.

I like how snapchat allows me to “tell a story” with photos and short video clip (or snaps). Each snap is automatically deleted within 24 hours, so there’s an urgency for followers to view daily (or even hourly). Snaps can be saved into your camera roll too.

My snaps are very laid back, behind-the-scenes into my daily life. I mostly post clips of dishes I cook for my husband Peter, my three lovable rescue dogs, food and travel posts and, on occasion, a night of “drunk snaps” at bars and restaurants. Ok, so sometimes I delete those in the morning!

Being a relatively new user to snapchat, I was so thrilled that L.A. Magazine included me on their list of “Food-Related L.A. Snapchatters You Need to Follow”!

Jo is a social media queen. Not only dominating on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram but totally owning Snapchat where she shares everything from cleaning out her doll collection to cooking at home to hugging on celebrity chef friends at premiere L.A. food events. L.A. Mag

Thanks again Caroline!

Are you on snapchat? If so, please comment with your username so I can follow your stories too.

Snapchat App

Video Tutorial

L.A. Magazine

Snapchat Tricks & Tips

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