Petcurean & Pet Orphans

I’ve recently started feeding our dogs Petcurean premium dog food and have teamed up with them to write several blog posts here on MoonBeach Diary. In case you’re not familiar with Petcurean, check out this short (really lovely) video:

Petcurean notes: Dogs and Cats… We just love every little furry thing about them; from when they’re tiny and helpless, as they settle down into our hearts and homes and daily lives, to when they’re older and in need of extra care. I wholeheartedly agree.

Pet Orphans, Van NuysEven though I still consider my dogs “pups”, they are indeed getting older so I serve (not FEED, I literally SERVE them) Petcurean Senior “Now Fresh”  kibbles. They’re made with 100% fresh turkey, salmon and duck (NO by-products or artificial preservatives). That’s right, my dogs eat better than I do!

Petcurean recently donated $500 to the pet charity of my choosing (NICE, right?). I selected Pet Orphans in Van Nuys, where my husband Peter and I have adopted rescues in the past. I also tweet for Pet Orphans daily (voluntarily) so it just warmed my heart that they scored such a nice donation. Thanks Petcurean!

If you follow me on instagram or twitter (both @MyLastBite), you’ve most certainly met our rescue Woody (he’s quite a character). Woody is currently the youngest in our house, little brother to our other adopted rescue dogs, Zig and Maxie.

Adopting Maxie at Pet OrphansMaxie (aka Maxwell) was adopted from Pet Orphans back in 2007. That’s a photo of him the day we met him at the shelter. Ever since, we’ve shared a pillow (and cuddles) every night. That is unless I’m traveling with his “mini me”, #TravelMaxie.

My little sidekick had some serious health issues this past year, including an expensive knee replacement back in March. We’re so grateful he got to walk on all fours before he passed away.

If you’re thinking of getting a dog (or cat) for your family, please consider adopting. There are so many needy animals out there and rescues give back the most sincere, unconditional love.

Please check back soon for chances to win Petcurean pet food vouchers!

Video: The Petcurean Story
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Petcurean Website
If you live in the San Fernando Valley, you can purchase Petcurean at Maxwell Dog on Ventura Blvd.
Where else to buy Petcurean

Pet Orphans Website
Pet Orphans is located at 7720 Gloria Ave, Van Nuys CA 91406
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Please #AdoptDontShop

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Again, full disclosure: I am being compensated for these blog posts. Please note that I would NEVER promote or support a product I didn’t love or use. For example you won’t see me writing about baby clothing or cat toys. Woof.


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