Locol Watts (Opens Jan 18)

Locol is a new fast food eatery by chefs Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson. I attended a friends and family preview tasting with my good pal Kate Krader over the weekend, and we were both blown away.

Locol, WattsI could go on and on about how it’s a much healthier version of fast food. Or how the price points are kept low so locals can actually afford to eat there. Or wax poetic on how the new Watts location is invigorating the entire neighborhood. All absolutely true (listen to Roy talk about all that here).

Instead I want to talk about how freaking good the food tasted. How shocked I felt that it didn’t taste “overly healthy”. How I’d happily chow down on a burg (aka burger) or a foldie (aka taco) after a night of partying.

That’s right, Locol is legit STONER FOOD. Also, it may just be the most delicious, hangover-preventive eats ever! If you know me at all (or follow me on social media), you know I love my Taco Bell and have a peculiar weakness for the glory that is Horsey Sauce. The fact that Locol is actually HEALTHY is just a secondary bonus.

If you’re planning to visit the new Watts location soon, do take a few moments to listen to Evan Kleiman’s interview with Roy. There’s much insight that will really make you appreciate the chefs, the project and (of course) the food.

The official Locol website notes:
We fundamentally believe that wholesomeness, deliciousness and affordability don’t have to be mutually exclusive concepts in fast food. We believe that fast food restaurants can truly empower the communities they currently underserve. We believe that the giant corporations that feed most of America have degraded our communities by maximizing profits over decades. We believe that chefs should feed America, and not suits.

Need more info? Tuck into the full backstory on Locol by watching the two videos below (in order).

Video 1: Roy Choi speaks about hunger at the Mad Symposium in 2013.

Video 2: Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson announce Locol at Mad 2014.

A few food photos from the preview:

BBQ Turkey Burg $4

Fried Chicken Burg $4

Locol CheeseBurg $4

Carnitas Foldie $2

Messy Beef Chili Bowl $6

Yotchays: Beef and Onion Gravy $1, Flat Bread $1

The chocolate soft serve sundae ($3) was really good too, but I didn’t get a great photo.

Our tasting spread (all food was complimentary). Sundae is back left (with marshmallows).

The Watts location of Locol opens at 11am on Monday, January 18th (Martin Luther King Day). Go early and prepare to wait a bit. It’s worth it.

Locol (map)
1950 East 103rd Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90002

Locol website

Locol on Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook

Roy Choi on Twitter & Instagram

Daniel Patterson on Twitter & Instagram

The original Indigogo campaign for Locol

I donated a wee bit and scored a Locol sticker last summer!

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