Love Me Some Love Boat

I was a HUGE fan of the show Love Boat as a kid. Oh the stories of travel, romance and the fabulous guest stars. Sure, I look back and it’s so goofy NOW, but how I wanted to BE the Love Boat captain’s daughter, Vicki Stubing (Jill Whelan). We were about the same age, and I sometimes fantasized about Captain Stubing being my dad too.

Princess Cruises Media EventWhen Andy Warhol (my favorite artist) guest starred on Love Boat in the mid 80s, I threw a cruise-themed party with life preservers and faux Warhol prints pasted on the walls. I met Warhol in 1986, during a birthday trip to New York, which was absolutely a dream come true.

Over the years I did a lot of traveling, including expeditions and safaris when I worked for a wildlife photographer in the early 90s. No luxury cruises though, until last weekend, well sort of.

Princess Cruises held a media day to launch new restaurant menus on the HUGE Ruby Princess ship, which was docked in San Pedro. My good friend Jenn Harris (Deputy Food Editor, L.A. Times), invited me along for the all-day affair. Check out her L.A. Times article here.

The “Come Back New” preview (#ComeBackNew on social media) included lunch (photos below) in Curtis Stone’s new onboard restaurant called SHARE. You may know Curtis from his award-winning, impossible-to-reserve restaurant, Maude, in Beverly Hills. Or from his stint as the host of Top Chef Masters. Besides the signature restaurant, the cruise line will also feature his “Crafted by Curtis” menu items on other ships in the fleet.

We also checked out the Salty Dog Gastropub and got a taste of Ernesto Uchimura’s new gourmet burger (photos below). He brings some seriously mad skills to the table. Ernesto helped develop the original Umami Burger and runs several Plan Check Kitchen & Bars throughout L.A.

Besides experiencing a taste of the cruise life, I also got to fulfill another childhood dream. Actress Jill Whelan (that’s right, the Love Boat star) was on board as a Princess Cruises “celebrations ambassador”. I may have geeked out. She looks great doesn’t she?

Planning a Princess Cruise soon? Lucky you. Details about the #ComeBackNew campaign here.

Princess Cruises Media Event
The main SHARE dining room.

Curtis Stone’s SHARE Menu

Charcuterie Platter: Jamon iberico, Salami Finocchiona, Chicken Liver Parfait, House Pickles

Shrimp Salad: Lemon Gel, Turnip, Citrus, Salt, Brioche

Tagliatelle: Roasted Alaskan King Crab, Chili, Parsley

Roast Turbot White Fish Gratine: Gruyere Crumb, White Vermouth, Mushroom Duxelles

Braised Kale, Smoked Ham, Crispy Shallots

Potato Gratin: Truffles, Cream

Beef Cheek Pie: Porcini Mushrooms, Buttery Pastry

Twice Cooked Duck: Fennel, Bacon Jus, Parmesan Crumb

Chef Curtis Stone meets the media

Chef Curtis Stone with my friend Jenn Harris (I made her take the photo).

Desserts by Norman Love. His flight was delayed so the ship’s chefs were on hand to talk chocolate.

Chef Ernesto Uchimura

The “Ernesto” Burger: Fresh ground ribeye and short rib patty, grilled pork belly, cave-aged gruyere, caramelized kimchi, beer battered jalapeño, charred onion aioli, smoked salt on a brioche bun!

Tasting portion of the Ernesto burger and killer truffle-parmesan fries.

Princess Cruises Official Website

All my photos from the Princess Cruises Media Event Here

Curtis Stone Official Website

Ernesto Uchimura Bio

More details about the event> L.A. Times (by Jenn Harris)

Follow @Jenn_Harris_ on twitter

Event Date: 1/24/16



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