Healthy Petcurean Dog Treats

Petcurean Spike Treats
Ever since I started writing for Petcurean, I’ve made an effort to genuinley educate myself on what I feed my dogs, snacks included. When I got a sample of Petcurean’s new, healthy Spike Treats, I decided to look up ingredients on treats I’d given my dogs in the past.

WHOA. At first I was shocked, then I felt stupid (for not researching those treats before), and then I just felt angry. I still do.

Here are just a few of the dog-treat ingredients that I looked up (and no longer feed my dogs): Sugar, corn syrup, meat by-products, ground wheat, corn gluten meal (it helps raise the protein reported on label), propylene glycol (a component in anti-freeze!), glycerin (possibly toxic ingredient in chicken jerky recall). Plus there were lots of different preservatives listed including sorbic acid, potassium sorbate, calcium propionate and animal fat BHA (known to cause tumors). And why add colors? Do DOGS care? I’m sure it was to appease the humans purchasing the treats but my dogs no longer ingest Red 40, Yellow 5, or Blue 1.

I do not claim to be any sort of dog food (or treat) expert. I do claim that by learning more, I do better for my beloved pups. Petcurean Spike Treats are made with ONLY all natural ingredients, with zero by-products, added growth hormones, artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.

Petcurean Spike TreatsMy rescue (terrier mix) Woody is such a character. Everyday he jumps up on a stool next to my desk and plays his piano. You read that right… my dog plays piano. It’s a small, antique, student piano that I keep nearby to write songs. But ever since Woody came into the picture, he’s decided it belongs to him. Ok, to be honest, there’s a snack jar on TOP of the piano, and it’s now filled with Petcurean’s Spike Venison Jerky. Although I fantasize about Woody becoming a Beethoven prodigy, it’s obviously the treats that he’s after. The grain free jerky is made using premium quality, grass-fed venison, chia, pomegranate, kale plus antioxidant-rich fresh pumpkin. Learn more about the venison jerky here.

Petcurean Spike TreatsMy white lab Ziggy Stardust (also a rescue mix) goes nuts for Petcurean’s Snack Bar. The bars are individually wrapped so we take them on the go. Zig’s a big boy and loves to run in the hills and at our local park. He’s had some skin issues so I’m happy the bars feature omega oils, great for skin and coat health. Of course Woody likes them too! More about Petcurean Snack Bar here.

From the Petcurean website:
SPIKE™ treats have been known to induce lip quivering, bum shaking, uncontrollable drooling, tail-chasing and other unpredictable, unexpected and endearing behaviours such as high-fiving, belly-baring, paw swipes, head-bops, and assorted yipping and yelping due to their unusually high content of premium quality meat proteins, micronutrients, anti-oxidants and “superfoods” like chia, pomegranate and kale, all lovingly prepared by your friends at Petcurean, who promise you that SPIKE™ contains only all natural ingredients, with zero by-products, added growth hormones, artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. Whew. Who wants a treat?

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  1. Laura Macauley says:

    I will never understand how there are people that do not like dogs. I have had dogs my entire life. I cannot imagine my home without one. They are the most loving and loyal creatures. If I had an endless supply of money, I would go around closing shelters and housing them on a massive chunk of land. That would be my life’s dream!


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