Solid Gold

These glittery, golden shoes? I wear them for only one man, the one and only Jonathan Gold. The sparkly, disco platforms go in and out of fashion, but I honestly don’t care because they seem to go with everything. Through the years, I’ve worn them with cocktail dresses, jeans and even denim shorts. It’s all about having fun while celebrating one of my favorite writers. Jonathan Gold, for the record, is a Pulitzer-Prize winning food critic who also happens to be a really nice guy.

My most recent “golden shoe” outing was a screening of City Of Gold, a new documentary about Jonathan, directed by the super-talented Laura Gabbert. The film officially opens today (March 11) and it’s an absolute MUST SEE.

Peter and I saw the film a few weeks ago and of course we both LOVE it. Not just because of all the gorgeous food shots or the fact that so many of our friends and favorite restaurants are featured. We love it because the film makes L.A. look so special and intriguing. Los Angeles really DOES have the BEST food scene in America and finally, the world will get to SEE why.

There are SO many delicious bites in the film, and we’ve been lucky enough to try most of them, including Antojitos CarmenChengdu TasteEarlez Hot Dogs, Guelaguetza, Guerilla TacoKogiJitlada ThaiMeals By Genet and Trois Mec.

On a personal level, City Of Gold left me feeling (surprisingly) emotional and I even wiped away tears at the end (DO stay until the credits stop rolling). I emigrated from Okinawa to Los Angeles back in 1972 and until recently, whenever someone asked where I was from, I automatically said, “Okinawa”. In my 20s and 30s, I moved around a lot and only laid solid L.A. roots down when I met Peter in 1994. Still, that’s 22 years of feeling like an outsider, as though I wasn’t sure of my immigration status. In a funny way, City Of Gold changed that for me and from here on out, I plan on being a proud gal from Los Angeles.

Watching Jonathan on screen was so entertaining too. Over the years I’ve gotten to know him, especially after I started freelancing at the L.A. Times, but the film unearthed much, much more of his life. I so enjoyed seeing him with his wife and kids, but also at work where he struggled through his writing process, because well, that just means he’s human.

Yesterday the New York Times gave the documentary a rave review. Film Critic A.O. Scott wrote:
In the face of that reality, Mr. Gold finds intimations of perfection — meals, dishes, single bites that sustain his faith in Los Angeles and, by implication, in humanity. “City of Gold” is a lovely testament to that faith, worth attending to even if you think you have no interest in food, California or criticism.  Read the entire review here


Watch the City Of Gold trailer here

Buy tickets (L.A. area) Arclight and Landmark Theater

Official City Of Gold Website

Follow Jonathan Gold on twitter @TheJgold

Follow City Of Gold on twitter @CityOfGoldDoc

Follow Laura Gabbert on twitter @LauraGabbert1

More about City Of Gold at IFC Films

City of Gold on Facebook


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