Guinness Float (with spicy chocolate)

Here’s an easy Guinness float recipe for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s super rich, fatty, bold, decadent and absolutely NOT low carb. A fun idea for a party, though, and heck, it’s only once a year right?

What you need:

1 bottle of 11.2 oz Guinness Beer (I like extra stout)
1 pint of vanilla ice cream
1/4 cup of heavy cream (optional)
1 tablespoon of malted milk
Dark chocolate shavings (I like Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate with infused premium red chili)

Guinness Float
How to make it:

Guinness Float1. Scoop Ice Cream into blender
2. Poor Guinness on top
3. Add dry malted milk powder
4. Gently hand mix together
5. Use blender to finish mixing
6. If too thick, add heavy cream to dilute
7. Zest chocolate on top before serving
8. Smile!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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