My 50th Birthday Lunch, Edinburgh

My nephew Camron and I are heading to Scotland this week. It’s his first visit to see his grandpa (my dad) and stepmum, who live near Glasgow in Bridge of Weir. Peter will hold down the fort with our two beloved pups, Woody and Ziggy Stardust.

There’s so much I’m excited to share with Camron, who turns 30 in May. The village where our family home sits is absolutely gorgeous, the surroundings almost out of a fairy tale. Of course, besides family time, I’m mostly excited to share my love for Scottish cuisine. It’s not all deep-fried Mars Bars, black pudding and haggis (which I LOVE) — it’s so much more.

During this trip Camron and I will be lunching at The Kitchin in Edinburgh, the Michelin -starred restaurant by Tom Kitchin. I’ve been several times and am always blown away with the chef’s “from nature to plate” concept — the best of Scottish ingredients cooked with French techniques. The restaurant has recently gone through a major remodel, so that will be a fun treat as well.

Two years ago, I spent my 50th birthday at The Kitchin and was so grateful to share it with my parents and hubby Peter. Photos below!

The Kitchin

The Kitchin


I love the bread warmers.

Stepmum Mandy and my husband Peter.

Party time!

My dad.

Cod & Watercress: Seared North Sea Cod Cheeses served with pancetta and a watercress sauce.

Monkfish: Cannelloni of Scrabster monkfish liver served with roasted celery, squid and lobster beurre blanc.

Ballotine of Rabbit from Burnside Farm served with a tarragon dressing, black olive and toasted sourdough.

Fillet of wolffish from Peterhead served with gnocchi, wild garlic and mussels.

Rump of Highland hogget garnished with macaroni and roasted carrot served with lamb tongue and sweetbreads.

Blanquette of Clash Farm pork cheeses served with spring vegetables.

Cheese course or dessert? BOTH! Top: British Cheese Course.
Bottom: Pistachio Souffle w Pistachio Ice Cream.

The best of British cheeses.

More please.

Chef Tom Kitchin and my father, Glenn.

A wonderful 50th birthday in Edinburgh!

Read more about The Kitchin here.

More photos of visits to The Kitchin.

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