Celebrating OUTLANDER

Some people knit to relax, some people bake cookies. My sister de-stresses with adult coloring books. Me? Besides playing music (ukulele, piano and guitar), my favorite way to relax is customizing dolls. That’s right — at 52 years old, I still play with Barbie dolls.

OUTLANDER Season 2Season 2 of OUTLANDER premieres tonight on the Starz channel. It’s my very favorite (non-food) show and I’m happy to admit I’m a bit obsessed. Last September, I went on a one-day Outlander Tour in Scotland and took along a custom Ken Doll I named “Wee Jamie Fraser”. He wasn’t quite as hunky as Sam Heughan, the actor who plays Jamie, but it was loads of fun “taking him home” to Lallybroch.

Season 2 finds Jamie and Claire sailing into France, and the show’s costume designer, Terry Dresbach, created some breathtaking dresses for Mrs. Fraser (played by the gorgeous Caitriona Balfe) including the red stunner that I tried to recreate this week. If you’ve read the books, you know how important this red dress is in book 2, “Dragonfly In Amber”.

Here’s an excerpt from People.com (Warning! A mini spoiler!):
The gown, which Dresbach describes as “scandalous, powerful and sensual,” is an extremely low-cut (so plunging that in the book, Jamie tells Claire he could “see all the way down to her rib”), scarlet-colored silk design with a voluminous, caged skirt. And, according to Drebach, the most difficult aspect of the design process was finding the perfect shade of red, a true red, for the piece. Read the full article here.

If you haven’t seen OUTLANDER, and love an epic (sort of historical) romance, do check out the OUTLANDER season 2 trailer here.

My Claire Fraser doll in THE RED DRESS.

I bought the doll gown on Amazon then re-cut and sewed it to resemble the OUTLANDER dress.

Claire Fraser Doll
Low cut bodice was a bit difficult on plastic boobs!

Sleeves added.

The finished red dress. Jamie Fraser outfit via Hans doll.

Vive Les Frasers!

OUTLANDER Season 1 is available on iTunes or via the new Starz app.

OUTLANDER official site

Follow Outlander on twitter, instagram and facebook.

Costume designer Terry Dresbach‘s website.

(Great article) How Dior inspired OUTLANDER‘s Terry Dresbach.

Wee Jamie Fraser Doll

Wee Jamie Fraser visits Scotland


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