EASIER Low Carb Bacon Grilled Cheese (2)

Yesterday (April 12) was National Grilled Cheese Day, so of course I cooked up my favorite low carb, bacon-wrapped grilled cheese. This new version is SO MUCH easier, because instead of cauliflower florets for the “bread”, I used Trader Joe’s Riced Cauliflower .

For the low carb grilled cheese (above), I started with the basic cauliflower pizza crust recipe, then formed bread squares instead of round pizza shapes. If you don’t live near a Trader Joe’s or can’t find riced cauliflower at your market, just follow the original recipe (using a head of cauliflower) here.

Trader Joe’s Riced Cauliflower basically cuts prep time down in half. I keep extra bags of the riced cauliflower stocked in my pantry for quick, low carb meals.

This is what the basic cauliflower “bread dough mix” looks like. I use this same recipe for low carb pizza, burger buns and tortillas.

Low carb “bread dough” ready for oven. I cooked at 450º for about 20 minutes on a non-stick pan. You want it firm, like a piece of hearty bread.

Low carb bread!

Grilled cheese sandwich assembled. I like old-school, melty American cheese and provolone.

Depending on the size of your bread slices, lay down strips of bacon (I used three thick pieces), then wrap the grilled cheese with bacon. Turn and wrap again and make sure the ends are on one side only. Next, use large tongs and a spatula to start frying (all sides) with the seam (bacon ends) side DOWN. This will help seal the bacon and hold the sandwich together. Take your time – it’s worth it!


My grilled cheese necklace I bought a few years ago on Etsy. I always wear it on National Grilled Cheese Day!

Basic Cauliflower Crust Recipe. Again, I use this same recipe for low carb pizzaburger buns and tortillas.

More Low Carb Recipes (many more added soon)

If you’re on instagram or twitter, I tag all my low carb dishes with #LowCarbJo. Enjoy!

Low Carb Grilled Cheese Video (instagram)

Trader Joe’s Website


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