A Girl & Her Dog(s)

For the past few months, I’ve been writing blog posts for *Petcurean (GREAT dog food) and thought it would be fun to share photos of dogs I’ve adopted in the past. If you’re thinking of buying a dog instead of adopting a rescue, please take a moment to read “8 Reasons To Adopt A Dog”.

My dogs are my children and I remember the exact moment that I KNEW this was ok for me. I was thirty (back in 1994) when I decided to stop feeling bad about not having a baby, because dogs fulfilled any need I had to mother. It was a warm afternoon and after I jogged around a park, I came across a young mother rocking a baby stroller with a leash attached to a puppy. I said hello, bent down and reached for the puppy. That’s right — I totally ignored the baby and went straight for the DOG.

Just to be clear, I love kids and I consider myself to be a terrific Auntie, but I knew then, as I do now, that I would absolutely be the best DOG MOM in the world. Adopting a rescue dog is a huge commitment of time and money, but it’s so worth it.

My husband Peter and I currently share our bed with Woody and Ziggy Stardust, two of the most adorable and NEEDY rescue dogs we’ve ever had. We recently lost Maxie, a Chihuahua mix that we adopted in 2007. And although we’re still mourning his death — having Woody and Zig in our lives make it so much easier.

More photos of my dogs (then and now):

Dukie. My sister Janet is holding Dukie. Our dad made the meatloaf birthday cake! Photo taken in Okinawa, Japan 1968. I lived there from 1964 to 1972.

Otto. That’s me on the ground in full kimono tickling our dachshund Otto. My mother was not happy about this, but I was! Check back soon for more stories from my childhood in Okinawa.

Warhol. Named after Andy Warhol. My first dog as a grown-up (1985), he was a gift from my first husband, who adopted him from a shelter in San Diego. I loved him so much I HAD HIM STUFFED. Yes, this fact officially made me “crazy aunt Jo” to my nephews and nieces. Yes, I still have him and NO, I would NOT go through the expense or trauma of taxidermy EVER again.

Sushi. She and Warhol were inseparable and loved running on the beach. Photo from late 80s, Pacific Beach (San Diego), California.

Spencer (right, pictured with Fu Ling)Spencer was named after my good friend, Spencer Wilson. After my grandfather died in 1992, Spencer became my surrogate grandpa.
Fu Ling:  Fu Ling aka Foo found ME near Fu Ling restaurant in Chinatown. He was starving, abused and walked into my arms while we were filming a movie in 1998. More on that later.

Martini: Martini aka Teenie aka Bella Bean. We also called her “The Mrs.” because she ran the house and slept with her (I mean my) husband Peter. She had so much energy and always kept the other dogs in line. Martini was adopted from Pet Orphans in ’99 and lived to be NINETEEN.

Harrison: Harrison aka Tiger… Officially “George HARRISON Ford”. Peter is a Beatles fan. I’m a Harrison Ford fan. We compromised. He was the first dog that bonded with Peter before me. It took almost a year of him biting me daily (he didn’t like women) until he grew to love me. I never gave up on him though, and he lived a long and happy life. Harrison was also adopted from Pet Orphans in 2002.

Maxie, my cuddle bunny
Maxie: We lost Maxwell aka Maxie in January. He was just the sweetest pup and I still have trouble sleeping without him. He was also adopted from Pet Orphans in 2007.

Woody: Yes, he has his own piano. If you’re on instagram, follow this character at #WoodyTheMuppet!

Sweet Ziggy Stardust
Ziggy Stardust: Ziggy aka Zig is the largest dog we’ve ever adopted so I call him “my little pony”. He may be big, but Woody is the boss for sure. I’ll be posting more about Woody and Ziggy in the future. They had a very difficult start in life, but it’s all so very good now.

“8 Reasons To Adopt A Dog” by Petcurean

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If you’re on twitter, every morning I tweet photos of dogs needing homes using the Twitter hashtag, #AdoptDontShop.

* Full disclosure: I am being compensated for these Petcurean blog posts. Please note that I would NEVER promote or support a product I didn’t love or use. For example, you won’t see me writing about baby clothing or cat toys. Woof.


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4 thoughts on “A Girl & Her Dog(s)

  1. dogmomdiaries says:

    Love your story! I can relate..being I myself no not have kids of my own, but I consider myself to be a pet parent…and I agree..I knew instinctively that I wanted to be the best dog mom that I could, and that didn’t mean I didn’t like children any less..it just meant they weren’t for me, and that’s ok. 🙂 I just started blogging. Please check out my page! I’m looking forward to reading more of your stories. -Elizabeth


  2. Melissa S. says:

    Wow, you’re a certified dog parent (there’s a difference between a dog parent and a dog lover 😊). Your story is inspiring to any dogmums that would come across it. I also consider myself as a dogmum as I have a special space for my furbabies in my heart and in my house, I’m sure you know that situation when they steal your bed. Bad times, good times, they’re always there for you, keeps you smiling no matter how hard life is. The only downfall of being so much attached to them is when it’s time to say goodbye because they don’t stay long like humans do. Painful but we need to accept and move on. I just think that they have done their part providing us joy and they are probably in a better place now.

    Would probably read more of your stories, and you have a blessed heart for saving abused dogs and adopting. If only more people would take the time to think about adopting instead of buying, the world would be a better place. ❤️‍

    P.S. Sharing your story..


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