B.S. Taqueria – Great Drinking Food (& so much more)!

Downtown Los Angeles is a favorite for nights out with the hubby. An Uber ride is usually cheaper than the cost of valet parking, so we both can enjoy a few cocktails along with dinner.

Chef Ray Garcia’s B.S. Taqueria has some of our favorite drinking food in town. The vibe is super casual and the entire menu is designed for a fun (and tasty) experience. Before we even order drinks, we request the lemon-pepper chicken skin chicharrones (above). The bag comes to the table steaming hot, filled with crispy chicken skin, bite-size chicken thighs and blistered shishito peppers. “Rice and beans” (another starter) are NOT what you think and they’re an absolute must order. On our first visit we dismissed them, but the server kept insisting — now we get them every time we go.

Of course, you don’t have to go to B.S. Taqueria specifically for “drinking food”, but the cocktails ARE fantastic and refreshing. The tequila based Paloma is something I’d like to sip on while sunbathing near a pool.

Searching for a more substantial meal? They’ve got that covered with plates that are easily shared including clam and lardo tacos, chile verde, braised goat and so much more.

Photos: B.S. Taqueria for your drinking (and non-drinking) pleasure!

Left: “Gordo Cup” Mezcal, Cucumber, Fresh Lime, Fleur de Sel, Agave, Cilantro Blosso. On the right is the “Paleta” made with Tequila Reposado infused with grapefruit, Milk-washed, Cappalletti, Fresh Grapefruit & Lime, Coconut, Velvet Falernum.

“Rice & Beans” Toasted rice, garbanzos, butter beans, cotija, Fresno chiles.

Lemon Pepper Chicken Chicharrones: Chicken skins, chicken thighs, lemon, shishito peppers.

Clams and Lardo Tacos with pressed to order Tortillas.

Birria: Braised Goat, guajillo, onion, cilantro.

Brown Butter Tamal: Kabocha squash, chard, pepitas.

Chile Verde: Pork Shoulder, salsa verde, radish.

Chorizo & Papas (potato) Tacos.

Vegetarian in the group? Try the Beet Torta : Beet milanesa, pickled beet, escabeche, iceberg.

Spinach & Marcona almond enchilada at B.S. Taqueria (menu special).

Choco Flan: Goat’s Milk Flan, chocolate cake, orange caramel.

Churros with chile de arbol-chocolate.

Recently, I interviewed Garcia for an L.A. Times article I wrote. Not only is he a successful Los Angeles chef, but he gives back to the community by working with students from L.A. Kitchen. The non-profit trains former inmates and young adults leaving the foster care system, and Garcia invites culinary students to intern at his restaurants. He got involved after doing a little research and discovered that the L.A. Kitchen location was just two miles from where he grew up. Garcia says, “For me this was a sign. It was the perfect opportunity to help give back to my community while at the same time helping my restaurants. L.A. Kitchen works hard to not just place somebody with a job, but to set them up for long-term success.” Read the complete article here.

He also runs a more upscale restaurant called Broken Spanish. If you love pork (like I do), I suggest going there just for this pork-a-licious chicharron plate.

Read more about the awesome Ray Garcia here.

B.S. Taqueria
514 W. 7th St., Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 622-3744

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