#LowCarbJo Caviar Bites

Love caviar? Are you living low carb and miss blinis and caviar? ME TOO!

Hubby Peter and I are fans of the show “The Americans” (1980s era Russian KGB spies who pose as Americans) and I wanted to make something with caviar (and Stoli VODKA) for the season finale.

There’s always a pack of sliced provolone cheese (full fat) in my fridge because Peter loves my #LowCarbJo Crunchy Tacos. Honestly, they’re REALLY good, even if you don’t live low carb.

For these SUPER EASY caviar bites, I first cut the provolone slices into oblong shapes, so they looked more like traditional crackers. I was worried about the weight of the toppings, but they turned out really well!

What you need:
Nonstick pan
Provolone slices
Oil (optional)
Crème fraîche (or sour cream)
Garnish (chives or scallions work)

How To Make #LowCarbJo Caviar Bites:

Heat nonstick pan, add oil (optional). Lay provolone on cutting board and cut. Fry until golden, flip and brown other side. I use two silicone spatulas to flip the cheese. I also fried up the cheese ends, so there was NO waste.

Set provolone pieces aside and let cool. They’ll harden up after a few minutes. Then top with crème fraîche fresh, caviar and garnish. I used microgreens because I had them, but chives would be pretty too.

I also made small round bites (like traditional blinis) then added wasabi under the crème fraîche, just for a little extra (surprise) kick.

На здоровье!

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