Brown Butter Rum Cake

A classic rum cake is one of my husband Peter’s favorite treats. I make it for him at least once a year, which is pretty much the only time I make a dessert at home. I’m just not into sweet things, except for my husband of course!

Last year I changed it up and made the rum cake a bit more savory by adding brown butter at the end. It really helped to balance out the sugary cake and even I enjoyed the salty-sweet flavor. If you’ve never made brown butter, here’s a video by Kitchn. It’s a terrific (and simple) cooking tip to have on hand, as the nutty flavor really makes almost anything better. I’ve drizzled it on everything from steak to veggies, and Peter regularly makes brown butter eggs on the weekends.

After making the rum cake (recipe here), just slowly pour the warm brown butter on top of the rum glaze. Note: I used an entire stick of salted butter in the photo above. It was definitely “carb worthy” and a decadent treat.

More photos of my Brown Butter Rum Cake here.

Classic Rum Cake Recipe


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