Bacon Bowls

Over the years I’ve purchased lots of “As Seen On TV Items”. From “Shake Weights” to “toning shoes” to  ridiculous ab workout machines, I’ve wasted plenty of pennies on, what turned out to be (at least for me), a bunch of CRAP.

When I purchased the “Perfect Bacon Bowl” a couple of years ago, I was skeptical of course, but really hopeful it would work. I had been making bacon bowls (I eat low carb at home) for years, constructing the baking contrapment out of multiple ramekins and foil (photos below), so the advertised bacon bowl just seemed perfectly fantastic!

How did it work? Well, see the photo above? That’s my perfect bacon bowl. You can buy the bowls on Amazon (I got the set of two), but I’ve also seen them at my local market. These bowls are small, which are perfect to hold scrambled eggs or a side salad.

My first bacon bowls, back in 2008. These were extra large for dinner salads.

Smaller bacon bowls with the Perfect Bacon Bowl kit. I first baked in the oven, but the microwave is SO much faster.

Make sure you use cooking spray to make clean up easier.
I found that THICK bacon worked best.
I also use a large microwave plate cover so the grease doesn’t go everywhere.

And sure, you could use a muffin tin upside down in the oven (placed on a larger baking sheet to catch grease) to make small bacon bowls, but you can’t place THAT in the microwave.

Video: Step-by-Step Guide to Making The Perfect Bacon Bowl

The Perfect Bacon Bowl on Amazon

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