Crunchy Tacos (Low Carb)

Think you have to give up CRUNCHY TACOS on a low carb diet? Think again.

I CRAVE old-school crunchy tacos all the time, especially Henry’s Tacos, which is located (dangerously) close to my house. The crunchy yellow corn shell tacos with ground beef and bright yellow cheese are (in my opinion) perfect “drunk food” bites. They work for hangovers too.

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve indulged in Henry’s Tacos. Especially after I started playing with low carb tacos at home. I started with pan-frying just one slice of provolone, but the “taco shells” were a bit small. Next I used two slices, tearing one to make a larger shell. These turned to be the perfect size and I make them at least once a week.

They’re so easy to make too. All you need are slices of provolone cheese (FULL FAT), a non-stick pan and a taco holder/shaper. You really don’t NEED the taco holder, but it makes the process so much easier. I got mine (in photo above) on Amazon ($8 for two).

I now add chopped onions and chiles to the shells for an extra kick (photos below). I’ve also experimented with CHICKEN SKIN (precooked) and ground up pork rinds too. My husband Peter loves these provolone shells so much, that he said he never wants regular taco shells (or tortillas) again. Fine with me!

How To Make Low Carb Crunchy Taco Shells

What you need:

  • Two spatulas (silicone if possible).
  • Provolone cheese. Two pieces of cheese per “taco shell”.
  • Oil or butter (optional).
  • Taco shell holder/shaper (or you can make a holder out of foil).

Step 1: Heat nonstick pan and add a little oil (optional). Lay two pieces of provolone in hot pan. Tear one piece to help make a tortilla shape.

Step 2: Using a silicone spatula, gently shape the cheese into a circle.

Step 3: Gently cook the first side and keep shaping.

Step 4: When the bottom is browned, use two spatulas to gently flip.

Step 5: Cook the second side until firm.

Step 6: Transfer to taco holder and help shape the shell. It will get crispier as it hardens. After a few minutes you can remove from the taco shaper onto plate.

Fill and enjoy! This taco is filled with Brussels sprout slaw, guacamole, ground turkey, pickled red onion, radish, cilantro and hot sauce. I’ve also made the tacos for breakfast with eggs and leftover steak.

If you want to add more flavor and texture, chop up some scallions (or chilies) and add to frying pan before adding the cheese. Habanero-crusted, Chicken skin-crusted, Ground pork rinds & onions.

The provolone shells can be made ahead of time, refrigerated and then heated up before filling.

More photos.

I use Sargent provolone cheese which has 70 calories per slice and NO CARBS.

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