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Diary: Taste Of The NFL w The Rams (in support of L.A. Food Bank)

Diary: #SharedPlates Dinners (in support of L.A. Kitchen)

Family: My Brilliant Better Half (terrific interview)

Diary: Support the L.A. Kitchen (they do such GREAT work!)

TV: Chef Ludo on Mind of a Chef (behind the scenes with gorgeous food)

Family: A Mother’s Day Love Letter (to my sister)

Dogs:  Miss Martini (+ tips for adopting a senior pet)

Writing: My L.A. Times Article About The L.A. Kitchen

Hobbies:  My Custom Claire Fraser Doll (OUTLANDER)

Dogs: 8 Reasons To Adopt Dogs (and photos of my loves)

Dogs: Petcurean Dog Food Giveaway

Dogs:  Ziggy Stardust + Q&A with Petcurean’s nutrition expert, Dr. Jennifer Adolphe.

Dogs:  Healthy Petcurean Dog Treats

Diary:  City Of Gold, a documentary about Jonathan Gold, is a MUST SEE!

Dogs:  My Beloved Maxie

Diary: SoupBoxLove  Soups That Give Back

Diary: Last Minute Gifts! A few recent, favorite books by Ruth Reichl, Mary Karr, Mira Kalman, Peter Meehan, Matt Goulding and Richard Betts.

Diary:  Best L.A. Food Snapchat Accounts – Thanks L.A. Magazine!

Diary: Ho Ho Ho (on Food Network) w Valerie Bertinelli!

Dogs:  Petcurean and Pet Orphans

Dogs:  Teaming Up With Petcurean

Family: Theme Thanksgiving – Photos from our retro 2014 GREASE theme.

Hobbies:  Wee Jamie Fraser – Yes, I still play with dolls.


I love dogs. Please Adopt Don’t Shop!


Stay tuned for my #ThisIs50Bitches column! #UNlifestyleBLOG #NOTagingGracefully > What’s your #BeautyBitch?

Betty, Jo, Jenn

Note: I’m the only 50+ year old here! I love this photo with my girlfriends, Betty (left) and Jenn (right) celebrating Jonathan Gold’s 101 best restaurants.

Honestly, I also love the tiny wrinkles around my eyes, nose and smile. They’ve never bothered me at all. The impending double chin creeping up on me, well that’s another story. Stay tuned for upcoming #BeautyBitch pieces on battling the under-chin bulge, waist trainers aka corsets (yes, I bought one), facial hair (ugh), dreaming of sweater sets (hot flashes) and MORE! #ThisIs50Bitches


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