Theme Thanksgiving – Grease! 2014

My sister Janet organizes our family Thanksgiving here in Los Angeles. Not only is she a fantastic cook but she goes ALL OUT with a fun theme for the day.

Theme Thanksgiving - GREASE (2014)If you’re feeling a bit bored with the usual Thanksgiving gathering, think about adding a theme to the day. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just a few ingredient tweaks, inexpensive table settings and a trip to the thrift store if needed.

Last year we went retro with a GREASE movie theme. I did my best Rizzo impression, the bad girl puffing cigarettes (candy) wearing a Pink Ladies jacket. My husband Peter suited up as Rydell High coach Calhoun. The entire family got in on the fun. We had “bad Sandy”, “good Sandy”, Danny Zuko and his greasers too. Check out the photos below.

Our 2015 theme? Check my instagramtwitter and snapchat (MyLastBite) on Turkey Day for photos.

2014 GREASE Thanksgiving:

Peter’s Rydell High coach outfit (found on Amazon).

Theme Thanksgiving - GREASE (2014)
My Pink Ladies jacket (found at Iguana vintage)

Twins, niece Kindal and nephew Chace.

Getting hot in the kitchen. Niece Kindal as “bad Sandy”, me as Rizzo and my sister Janet as “good Sandy”. Candy cigarettes only.

My brother Greg in T-Birds jacket, nephew Cody as a greaser.

Group photo before eating. Left to right: Nephew Cody, sister Janet, her husband Paul behind, my hubby Peter in red cap, me and my duck lips, brother Greg in black jacket, nephew Chace in white t and niece Kindal in front.

Vintage table setting for our retro Thanksgiving. The hand-painted gold plates belonged to our grandmother.

Theme Thanksgiving - GREASE (2014)

My sister Janet preps for days. I made Mom Parson’s Cranberries. Niece Kindal made the apple/blueberry pie.

Brother-in-law Paul carving the bird.

Let’s EAT.

Blueberry/Apple Pie.

Oldest nephew Camron and his wife Jennee stopped by for some fun too. Yes, we had lots of extra candy cigarettes!

Jamming (and more wine) after dinner.

More photos from 2014 retro GREASE Thanksgiving.

Photos from previous Theme Thanksgivings:

Greek Thanksgiving

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Caribbean Thanksgiving

Master folder Theme Thanksgiving

Again, it’s all about sharing laughs and gathering around the family table. Enjoy and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


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